Living in harmony with yourself

Are you experiencing a crisis or looking for purpose in your life?


Are you plagued by fears, feeling exhausted or in conflict, or do you avoid arguments? 

Events from the past, your current life situation, tasks ahead of you or upcoming decisions can weigh heavily on you in everyday life.

Moving Beyond Crisis!

You want to change your situation for the better.
How can art therapy help you? By visualizing conflicts with creative processes. 

Through the visualization, we become conscious of our own resources, which we can mobilize to reach your goals.

Living in harmony with yourself!

Topics I Can Address With You!


– Overwork, loss of performance, stress

– Social or professional conflicts

– Purpose and crises in life

– Rehabilitation after a hospital stay

Your goal is to live more actively, happily and authentically according to your individual strengths and talents.Appreciating your personal needs, I accompany you within my purposeful and solution-oriented counseling as an accredited Psychosocial Art Therapist (IFKTP).


Counselling and Coaching can be Preventive!

You will recognize your own ability for change and self-reflection.

This is the first step towards your defined goals, whether your aim is to cope with crisis, psychological distress, fears, or personal limitations,

or to process and reshape your life story.

Psychosocial art therapy serves to uncover your very personal resources and to mobilise these resources. 

It allows you to build self-confidence and self-esteem and to set out on the path to change.

With your willingness to help yourself, you will expand your ability to act and become conscious of your ability to control yourself.

You may have a feeling that „something bad is going to happen“ and want to proactively counter this development.

Art therapy can be a support during life crises (such as separation or divorce, death of a loved one, upheavals, identity crises)

and if you are experiencing stress symptoms, fatigue, restlessness, nervousness, difficulty concentrating, bullying, depression, listlessness or despair.

Together we use artistic media to stabilize your general orientation, analyze any conflicts and collect and evaluate your alternatives. 

As a psychosocial art therapist, I will support you in planning and decision-making with a tailored approach to your art therapy.

The art therapy will acquaint you better with yourself and let you live more actively, happily, authentically and according to your abilities.


You are an emotionally mature individual


With an accepting and solution-oriented approach, I accompany you as an individual according to your needs. Targeted support with creative and artistic methods will help you move towards your goals and give you courage.

You may be looking for support with a current or upcoming life situation. My approach with art therapy, counselling or coaching will accompany you to reach your goals.

Together, we will become conscious of your experiences and your resources. This recognition of your potential will help you on your way to your goals.

Take the step to become the lead actor in your life.

Psychosocial Art Therapy (IFKTP)


To visualize your conflict and achieve your goals, creative methods are used to help you become conscious of your resources.

Psychosocial art therapy is used to recognize and mobilize one’s own abilities, to strengthen one’s self-confidence, will to change and self-control, to reassess goals and to live up to one’s holistic potential.

The artistic expression is directly related to the individual and his or her personal life, and it allows one to mobilize one’s own resources and self-healing powers and to stimulate various processes of change.

One’s resources can be sources of strength, ability, character, talent or an attitude that we can access at any time to achieve a desired change.

An opportunity to try!

What does art therapy mean?

What is being done?


These and other questions come up again and again.

Psychosocial art therapy is used to recognize and mobilize one’s own abilities, to strengthen one’s selfconfidence, will to change and self-direction, to reassess goals and to live up to his or her holistic potential.

A trial session for you to experience your possibilities can be a good introduction to art therapy. (Artistic talent is not a requirement)

Cost • 90 minutes / € 49.-

'A very individual process leads to a noticeable appreciation of oneself.'
Ilona Wenzel

Appointments and conditions

If you have questions about the procedure, the conditions or the appointment, please contact me as follows:

Telephone •  0176 7120 5072
Email  •  kontakt@kunsttherapie-darmstadt.de

I also offer evening appointments!

You can expect low waiting times, 100% anonymity and transparency, unbureaucratic billing and a tailored approach to structuring your appointments.


You are paying privately and have the responsibility and the freedom to manage your well-being.

Introductory talk • 20 min / free of charge

First session • 40 min / 49 €

Art therapy session for adults • 50 min / 69 €

Coaching  • 45 min / 89,- €

Individual services • 30 min / 35 €

Confidential home visits • Costs available on request

Payment is due after each session.

According to § 19 UStG, the invoice amount does not include VAT.

I prefer payment with debit or credit cards and provide an EC card reader for this.
You also have the option of arranging and paying for appointments in advance as a package.

Should you need to cancel an appointment, please do this 48 hours in advance by e-mail or telephone, otherwise you will be charged for the appointment.


More information about Psychosocial Art Therapy!

In many different areas and development stages, people experience the need for development, strength and courage.
As varied as every life’s path is, so varied are the approaches in art therapy.

Psychosocial art therapy is applied to get to know oneself, to act in harmony with one’s own nature, to build self-confidence, an ability to change and self-determination, to allow one to reassess goals and to live up to his or her potential with a holistic approach.

Artistic expression is directly related to an individual’s being and personal beliefs. It allows one to mobilize personal resources and self-healing powers as well as to stimulate the various processes of change.

It allows you to get closer to yourselves and acknowledge your individual skills and live more actively, happily and authentically.
Stimulating, supportive art therapy interventions can be experienced as helpful coping strategies or structured as a free, independent approach.

The topic develops during  the process and according to the individual’s condition.

The structured process, the range of materials, the topics offered and my approach as an art therapist allow one to work towards the agreed goals, while being supported by psychosocial art therapy.

Self-efficacy is experienced within a secure and trusting art therapy relationship.
It is important to strengthen and stabilize the perception of one’s being.
You will be able to recognize hidden feelings and emotions perceive them more confidently.
Consciously, you learn a differentiated and careful way to engage these feelings and emotions.


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